About us

The HannaMig Gas Diffuser was patented in 1998 and is widely used by Major manufacturing & Construction, and is our largest selling product in the Hannamig range.
HannaMig has been exporting products for over 15 years across the globe. Our customers span across industries including Gas and Refinery, Electricity generation, Chemical plants,  Food manufacturing and Pipeline construction.
The HannaMig Torches are designed and made in Australia for the welding of pressure pipework where the highest quality x-ray results are required, and are to be used only with low splatter power sources, for example the Lincoln STT Process, Miller Pipe Pro, Kemppi Fast Root Process or comparable power sources. 
HannaMig have test results to demonstrate the superior performance when using the Hannamig Gas Diffuser and Torch over all current MIG and TIG processes.
The HannaMig Gas Diffuser gives greater length & span of gas cover with no atmosphere contamination. 
The Hannamig Torches are used to overcome previously challenging environments including:
 - confined space construction
 - outdoor construction sites and adverse conditions
 - acute angle work

The Hannamig Torches provide proven gas savings, x-ray quality and MIG speed.
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